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Please read these guidelines to prevent yourself from being scammed.

At, we do not screen the employers or the prospective employees. This allows our site to be free for all of our users. If you choose to do business with a party you meet through, please follow the following guidelines. These are basic common-sense practices that will help protect you from online scammers that target all sorts of job boards:

1. NEVER give out your credit card information. Some credit card thieves attempt to pose as employers and gather peoples emails they find on various internet websites. They may tell you that they will pay you through credit card and ask for you to send them your credit card information. That is ridiculous. All reputable companies allow you to be paid via check or direct deposit.

2. If someone says they are from company X but does not email you from a email address, proceed with caution. After all, if they say they are from say, Sony, why are they not emailing you from a email?

3. If you are a prospective employee, NEVER send upfront payments. Why do you need to pay them? After all, it is you who are seeking the job.

4. Again, be careful before divulging ANY personal information, such as your checking account information. While some employers may pay by direct deposit, be wary of those who say they ONLY can pay by direct deposit. Don't give away your personal details and your life story to some random person online. Investigate the person, call the company directly, and keep a skeptical eye on anyone that contacts you.

5. Choose to keep your details 'anonymous.' This requires employers to ask you first before they see any of your personal details. Not only does it make it harder for scammers to contact you, if someone does contact you, you may be able to know exactly which employer it is and can contact us so we can ban their account.

6. Be EXTREMELY suspicious of anyone asking to do an online interview with you using a messenger service like Yahoo messenger. Instead, insist on a phone interview. Also, insist on knowing a phone number that you can contact them at. A lot of scammers are based in random, third world countries but claim they are based in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom. If they are in one of these countries, they should have a local phone number in that country/state you can contact them at.

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